Row or Die


Coast Guard Challenge 2009Coast Guard Challenge 2009

This past weekend was the One and You’re Done race in Alameda. It’s one of the shortest races we do—a three and a half-minute sprint. Races can range from short sprints like this to a 45-minute race from the Golden Gate bridge to the Oakland Bay Bridge. All races are based upon traversing a specific distance as quickly as you can.

We came in fourth of out nine women’s teams. We missed third by 2 seconds. F@#k! The top four teams, including ours, placed within a four second range of each other and it’s calculated down to one-one hundredth of a second. One of the mens’ teams lost by 0.01 seconds. BUMMER!! I would hate to be them. On the other hand this is the third time in a row that we’ve missed placing by two seconds or less. It’s extremely frustrating to always come in fourth, but at least we’re consistent … I guess.

This Saturday is the 30th annual Oakland Cup, which is a long-distance race and should be lots of fun. Personally, I prefer the distance because you can relax into your pace and get into a zen mind space. I actually find it a little comforting as well as physically challenging.

Keep your fingers crossed, please. We need to blast out of that two-second margin!

P.S. Photo above is from the Coast Guard Challenge a couple weeks ago. The motto for that race is “Row or Die”. Funny when you think about the fact that the Coast Guard is sponsoring the race and their mission is to PREVENT people from dying. That’s the APL team rowing their guts out. More pics from the Challenge:

Coast Guard Challenge 2009

Coast Guard Challenge 2009

Coast Guard men’s team … check out the crew team on that sleek little skiff rowing just behind them. The day of this race there were a million crew teams out on the water with us along with a dragon boat, outrigger canoes and the ever present kayaks. It was fun to see all the various rowing rigs out on the water simultaneously. Man, I love California!

Coast Guard Challenge 2009

ITC women’s team.

Coast Guard Challenge 2009

Beavers mixed team.


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