Food: Vietnamese jerky


Vietnamese Jerky

One of the staples in my pantry is this delicious Vietnamese-style beef jerky. The flavor is a mix of teriyaki and hot BBQ. It has a slightly sweet taste with a terrific back note of heat that even heat-haters will like. (I have been wondering where that beautiful orange comes from, but have yet to identify the specific flavor or ingredient.) Unlike most jerkies, this style comes shredded instead of in big chunks and I enjoy it as-is or sprinkled on white rice with nori (seaweed) for a very simple, but flavorful meal. I have even sprinkled it in quiche. Everyone who has ever tried this jerky has become addicted to it including most of the staff at Solano Magazine. No one turns it down.

Jerkies are one of those universal fool proof dishes. No matter the country or culture, you can pretty much count on finding jerky you’ll enjoy right out of the gate.

So next time you’re in an ethnic grocery, ask where the jerky is and try some. You’re almost guaranteed a good experience.


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