Food: In search of good BBQ



The West Coast BBQ Championship is coming up and I’m on a mission to a) be a judge and b) to figure out the secrets to champion BBQ. I need to find out the answer to the voodoo that you [BBQers] do.

The next eight weeks are gonna contain A LOT of BBQ. Can I handle it? Can I handle the sauce? The charred meats? The smokers? The grub?

YES! Yes, I can.

I think I can. I think I can.

Grab a beer (or big glass of cabernet), sit back and relax. We’ll go on this little adventure together. Prepare yourself mentally by opening your mind to all the BBQ possibilities: pork, beef, chicken, goat, lamb. Heh. Think I’m kidding? Nope. Prepare yourself physically by loosening your belt a notch. Heck, just take the whole belt off and undo the top button of your pants. If you want to ease the zipper down an inch or two, that’s up to you. No one’s stopping you. Don’t be shy, it’s just us here. I plan on wearing elastic waist pants for the next two months.


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