Day in the Life: Meet Roxy



Hello. My name is Roxy and I’m a Tasmanian she-devil Yorkie Terrier. I’m a Solano Magazine office dog.

My favorite things are:

  • Running all out and then slip-sliding ten feet down the hallway;
  • Plastic, especially empty water bottles, which lucky for me I can just pull out of the office recycling bin;
  • My rubber bone that smells like mint;
  • Sitting in the window and talking at people.

Here’s my office mate, Elle. She’s big and sweet and pretty much just lays around all day snoozing. BO-RING!


Not me! I’ve got places to go, things to do … desks to sniff for abandoned food … and believe me, I’m good. As soon as humans get up from their desk I can hear them with my super sonic hearing and be investigating their empty digs in less than 0.2 seconds. I’m that good, yes I am.





I’m all about the food, man. I love it all: strawberries, hard boiled eggs, sandwich bits, cheese and especially cookies. I’ll jump for cookies. I can jump WAAAAY higher than Elle. All Elle does is sit for food. Big deal.




Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll jump for anything, I’m a Tasmanian she-devil Yorkie Terrier.

And my name is ROXXXXX-EEEEEEE.



2 responses »

  1. I love it!!! I can’t believe she can jump as high as the counter now. I have missed so much. I am sure Roxy will be fascinated with Avi.

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