Food: I heart kettle corn



I really, REALLY love kettle corn—it’s sweet and savory combo makes me tingly all over. Until now, it has not always loved me back.

Prepare yourself for some TMI. Ready? Okay, here goes … in the past, kettle corn gave me gas. Yuck, I know. I don’t know why, but it did. So I completely stayed away from it.

And then a couple months ago, while at the Vallejo farmer’s market, my cousin Ly who has been visiting from Japan declared that she’d never had kettle corn before. What? A tragedy! We immediately marched ourselves over to the kettle corn dude and bought ourselves the Medium (which is a huge, 2-foot long bag) of kettle corn for $5. His sign says that it’ll stay fresh for a week. Yeah, right.

As expected, Ly became addicted and she munched on kettle corn for the rest of the day and into the night. By evening, the yummilicious fragrance of the kettle corn was starting to wear me down so I decided to brave the consequences and have a little.

Lo and beholdno gas. None. Nada. THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU!

I don’t know what this dude does to his kettle corn, but I think he’s a magician. I’d marry him just for his kettle corn. That’s not wierd is it?

And you know what? His kettle corn really does stay fresh for a week.

Life is good and all is right with the world when you can get your hands on fabulous, non-gassy kettle corn.


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