Food: Cupcake tasting 'til you puke



These are Irish car bomb cupcakes. How cool is that? Yes, they were made with real Guinness and Irish cream. Unfortunately no Irish whiskey was used in the making of these fellas, but no matter, they didn’t need it.

Round two and three of local cupcaketeria tastings has taken place and we are compiling our faves. Boy, it sure was a tough day at work! The sweat, the tears, the aching jaws. Phew. It takes a strong soul (and stomach) to do this job.

Ha. You laugh, but we really do take it seriously. We analyze the cake: it’s texture, flavor, moisture. We analyze the frosting (which is what really makes the cupcake shine) considering not just its flavor and weight, but was it the appropriate frosting combination for the cake? Buttercream vs cream cheese. These are the decisions that can tilt someone’s entire world.

The full story will be coming out in our e-mail newsletter, A la carte, on Tuesday … along with steals and deals for local getaways. (WARNING! Shameless plug: If you haven’t signed up for our e-newsletter, just visit our website and there’s a little button on the right side of the homepage.)

As soon as it hits I’ll share the full behind-the-scenes details of our final round cupcake tastings.

In the meantime, our evaluation of Cupcake joint number one will go up tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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