Day in the Life: Spring racing season begins


This saturday marks the first race of the spring racing season for BAWRA, the Bay Area Whaleboat Rowing Association. This first race is on home turf (yay!) and taking place at the Vallejo Marina. A half dozen associations from all over the Bay Area and nearly two dozen teams will be competing in the following categories: women’s, mixed (men AND women), and men’s.

Oh, the excitement. The nerves. The fun! A day of competitive racing is followed by a big ol’ party with games and cheer, and maybe a little beer. 🙂 For all those interested, the racing starts at 8:30am, Saturday morning, and you’re welcome to come watch and cheer teams on.

The above video is of the Rowverines (my kick ass team) racing last fall at McCovey Cove in San Francisco. We missed placing by four seconds. FOUR SECONDS! Argh. The pain of it still burns. But this video, put together by Clyde (Connie’s man), with it’s kicky music (think 80s porn soundtrack), makes it all worth it. You really can’t take yourself too seriously once you’ve seen yourself in a video by Clyde. If you want to see the actual race, skip to the very end (about 95% of the way through) and you’ll see us racing our hearts out … and then the other team BLOW right by us. Pretty funny.

To all the teams: good luck and break an oar!


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