Entertainment: Walk/Run for a cause


Emerald Bay Run

On Sunday, March 15, a bunch of friends and I ran/walked the Emerald Across the Bay 12K race from Sausalito to San Francisco.

It was rainy. And cold. And rainy. And we ran/walked anyway.

And it was FANTASTIC! And did I mention it was rainy? And cold?

I’m such a whiner.

Emerald Bay Run

I think I’m whining in this picture. I had like eight layers on and was … still cold. That’s me and AJ. He used to strip back in the day. Did you know that? I didn’t. The things you learn about your friends during a 12K. It’s more effective than alcohol or sodium pentothol for getting folks to spill their secrets. I hope that someday AJ shows us his moves. I’m sure he had (still has) good moves.

Anyway, we had a great time. The route is one of the best aspects of this race. You start off in Sausalito with an easy half mile stretch along the water. You think to yourself, cool, this is fun, I can do this, no sweat. And then you round a corner and see a half mile trail that leads up a hill at 50% grade and all of your muscles cramp up in trepidation.

But you really want to make it up the hill as quickly as you can because at the top of that hill is the pedestrian on-ramp for the Golden Gate Bridge, a.k.a. Shangri la. You got it folks, we ran across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco, wound along the waterfront and cruised all the way down to the Fisherman’s Wharf finish line.

By the time we finished the race, the sun was shining and I was getting a blister. Ah, the fun.

Jarod and Halpin ran the race in less than 120 minutes and were the first of us to cross the finish line. They both were wearing heart monitors and immediately declared that we had burned over 1600 calories. EXCELLENT!

Emerald Bay Run

We then proceeded to In-n-Out Burger as quickly as our legs would take us. No joke! AHAHAHAHA.

Right after the burgerfest and group celebration, Jarod, Halpin and I hightailed it 3 hours to Lake Tahoe to join the rest of the Solano Mag staffers who had already started our mental health ski-weekend. All in all, a good day.


Saturday, April 18
Run For Good 5K. Benefits the
Matt Garcia Youth Center. Downtown Fairfield. Runforgood5k.com.

Saturday, May 2
Sixth Annual Loop the Lagoon. 5K, 10K, Tower Challenge, 2-Mile Walk and Kid’s Fun Run. Benefits the Vacaville Public Education Foundation. Lagoon Valley Park, Vacaville. Loopthelagoon.org.

Saturday, May 9
Run for the Globe. 5K, 10K, Kids Fun Run. Benefits Global Passion. Napa Valley. Runfortheglobe.org.

Saturday, May 30
2009 Lynch Canyon Trail Run. 10K, half marathon, 2.5-mile community hike. Benefits Lynch Canyon Open Space. Lynchcanyontrailrun.blogspot.com.

Saturday, Sept. 19
Lagoon Valley Trail Run. 5K, 10K,
2-mile Fun Run, kid half-mile. Benefits the tuberous sclerosis complex clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland. Lagoon Valley Park, Vacaville. Active.com.

Race schedule excerpted from Halpin’s article on fitness.


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