Day in the life: South Lake Tahoe



About four weeks ago, a handful of Solano Magazine staffers headed up to Lake Tahoe for two days of fun in the snow.

Most went skiing—tackling Heavenly one day and Sierra at Tahoe the next.

Ana and I took off snowshoeing instead. And my goodness, it was gorgeous. We came across this rainbow, which seemed particularly appropriate since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We couldn’t help but want to go in search of that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Who wouldn’t?

(For a peek at last year’s Solano Mag ski trip to Squaw Valley and my first time snowboarding … check out the story published in our December/January 2009 issue. There’s also a really funny video of Jeannie departing the chair lift—that poor girl fell every single time. I felt so bad for her. Good friends that we are—I laughed myself silly and Matt videotaped her for humorous posterity. Then we published it on the web for the entire world to see. :))


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