Food: HR 875—is it the future of food safety?


There’s been a lot of brou-haha about some new legislation coming down the pike. The left, in particular, feels that it’s going to threaten organic farming and all sides are worried that it will increase legal bottlenecks.

H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009
To establish the Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services to protect the public health by preventing food-borne illness, ensuring the safety of food, improving research on contaminants leading to food-borne illness, and improving security of food from intentional contamination, and for other purposes.

There was a fantastic discussion this morning on KQED Public Radio‘s Forum with Michael Krasny. Here’s their intro:

Last month, the Obama administration vowed to upgrade food safety laws for the 21st century. Just last week, traces of salmonella in a central California pistachio processing plant sparked a nationwide recall of the nut. What does the future hold for food safety?

Check out the podcast >>>


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