Entertainment: Wil Wheaton



I’m a self-professed squint, uber-geekoid, Star Trek loving nerd. (I have a Jean Luc Picard action figure in my office as a mascot. Yes, I really do. Been with me nigh 15 years now.) Always have been, always will be. And proud of it, baby! What? What’s so funny? Whaaaat?

Anyway, it should be no surprise that I follow other geeks on the web and feel comforted by their presence. One such is Wil Wheaton (who used to play Wesley Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation). I’ve followed his blog for a couple years now. He talks about acting in Hollywood, hockey, Dungeons & Dragons, the quirks of his daily life and often some mind-bending revelations occur.

And because Julia told me I need to keep my blogs short … go here. Hurry!


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