Food: Avalanche Frozen Yogurt


Avalanche Frozen Yogurt

I love Fairfield, I really do. But one of the things that I’ve been lamenting is the absence of a good yogurt shop in town. Finally, one has opened just in time for spring. Welcome Avalanche Frozen Yogurt!

It’s situated in downtown Fairfield right next door to our favorite burger joint, Monsoon Burger, which we voted Best Burger in 2008 after some pretty arduous testing I might add.

Avalanche Frozen Yogurt

From the outside, it looks like any old strip mall shop. But as soon as you open the doors, you quickly realize that Avalanche has style. The interior is simple, contemporary and hip in white and hues of blue (to reflect that arctic igloo feeling) and the space is at once spacious and fun—perfect for the high school crowd across the street—and yet sophisticated enough for adults like me.

It’s a self-serve bar that includes a wide variety of toppings from Captain Crunch cereal to granola, Swedish fish to Reese’s peanut butter chunks, fresh fruit and even mochi. You pay by weight, so watch how big you make these suckers as it’ll add up.

I got the blueberry and vanilla mix, which was tart and light. It tasted like yogurt, not like ice cream, which is a good thing. If I want ice cream, I’ll head to Cold Stone Creamery. Yogurt should be slightly tangy and crispy feeling in the mouth and Avalanche delivered just that.

If you haven’t been, grab a kid (or a co-worker) and go. It’s the perfect way to welcome spring.

Avalanche Frozen Yogurt. 321 Texas St., Fairfield, CA 94533


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