The Office

The life of a publisher is about juggling hordes of information at a million miles an hour. Sales figures, budgets, deadlines, response KPIs, content, branding, contests, communication strategies, competition analysis … the intake (and output) never stops. And that’s the fun. Usually.

Everyone handles their information intake differently. I’m a visual person, so I end up papering the walls with ideas, charts and graphs, information I want to keep track of. Plus, while in school for architecture I got used to posting everything up on a wall, gathering friends and critiquing the work. It’s a practice that a) stimulates team communication, b) keeps development transparent, c) produces superior results, and d) serves up constant reminders since I’m an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of gal. I have low attention span. I can’t help it.

Because I’m synaptically short on words, I’ll share my eyeballs and info intake.

The Office
The wall outside my office.

The Office
Production department.

There’s a sign on the wall in the production department. It says, “We believe in miracles.” Heh. I love that sign. That sign is the motto of my life. Believe. Miracles.

It can happen.


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