Monday Tryouts: more boxed wine


Vendage Boxed Wine

Today we’re taste testing a California Cabernet Sauvignon by Vendange. Sorry, I couldn’t find a vintage date, only a 2005 copyright date.

In preparation for camping and picnic season, we’ve been trying out boxed wines in the vain hope that we’re going to run across a winner. I’m sorry to report that today is not that day.

Our initial impression prior to tasting is that the packaging is terriffic: small, compact and perfectly fitted to fit any water bottle sized pouch either on a backpack or on a belt. For its tiny size (I photographed it next to the orange so you can judge scale) it holds quite a bit of volume—3+ glasses or 500mL, only one glass shy of a standard bottle. So far, so good. It’s durable and crushable once you’ve drunk the contents which makes for easy transportation and disposal. Excellent.

Halpin purchased this little baby at Lucky’s for less than $5. Hmmm. Suspicious yet?

Now, we move on to taste. Sigh. I will just post the comments:

  • Ew. Sour!
  • If it could talk it would say, “I want to be wine so bad!”
  • Hmm. Seems kinda watered down.
  • Hey, I kinda like it. Would do well for Sangria.
  • Ew. Not worth breaking my diet for.
  • Gross. This tastes as bad as the reputation that boxed wine has always had. I wouldn’t even make Sangria with it. We actually took this wine camping and we were so pissed that we’d lugged it and then it sucked a$$! It was so disappointing! And what’s worse is that I went into it with pretty low expectations!

There you have it folks. Raw. Uncensored.

My apologies to Vendange. We wanted to like it so badly, we really did!

To read about our first boxed wine tryout, go here.


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