Food: Dddddonuts


Boon Fly Cafe Donuts

Good heavens! Do these little donuts look good, or what? Did I mention that I’m off of gluten? These are not gluten-free.

I hate my life.

Okay, no, not really, but these babies are so good they make me whimper like a beaten puppy as I watch others eat them up in front of me.

I have been known to fall off the wagon for these suckers.

During my (our) recent quest for the region’s best breakfast joints, we scoped Boon Fly Cafe, the casual eatery that is a part of The Carneros Inn in Carneros. I’m a big fan of the Inn as well as the Farm, their fine dining restaurant. I swear they’ve got the best matchstick french fries I’ve ever tasted (pssst … their secret ingredient is truffle oil.)

Anyway, at Boon Fly Cafe, they do up the traditional breakfast dishes with a little twist. For example, their version of eggs and ham is “green” eggs and ham, which is achieved by an herb lemon-leek sauce. Quite good. They also do a pretty fantastic corned beef hash and eggs Benedict using fresh pain levain. Oh, so yummy.

But I think one of the best things they do are these donuts. You can get a baker’s dozen or just “four with a cuppa joe” for $6.25. Dude, sit at the breakfast bar with your newspaper (or our magazine), an excellent cup of coffee and a bucket of these donuts and I guarantee you a great start to your day.

Go ahead, try it. I dare ya.

Have a great weekend, folks!

P.S. They have an extended brunch menu on the weekends that includes scrumptiousness like flatbread pizzetas and a Kobe beef burger on brioche. Yurm, yurm.


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