Tuesday Tryouts: Boxed wine


Tuesday Tasting

One of the benefits of working here at the magazine is that we’re constantly trying new things, rating them, offering up our opinions, such as they are. We’re always on the lookout for the “best” whatever … hamburger, pastries, fish and chips.

This week we’re looking at boxed wine. With the influx of boxed wine available from some pretty reputable brands, I wanted to take a closer look at what’s available. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be trying more boxed wines in preparation for camping and picnic season.

To start off, we’re trying two rated wines by Bota Box of Delicato Family Vineyards: one red, one white. Here are the comments as pulled directly from the comments sheets.

RED: Shiraz
2006 from California. 3L, $14
(84 pts by Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

  • Drinkable camping wine.
  • Ok for camping, but I’d rather have two buck chuck
  • Chuggable. I’d take it camping.
  • Drinkable.
  • Soft. Good for making Sangria.

WHITE: Chardonnay
2007 from California. 3L, $14
(83 pts by Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

  • 😦
  • This would be great for a wine cooler.
  • Kind of sour; wouldn’t recommend.
  • Ugh. Gross.
  • Best served cold. Definitely need to refrigerate, so not good for camping.

So, there you have it folks. Raw. Uncensored.

Just in case you’re wondering, we don’t just drink a little wine during the work day. We eat, too.

We had some leftover cheese, a french baguette and a container of green Italian-style olives. So we pulled ’em out to accompany our mini wine tasting. Now the cheese, oh, good heavens … we fell on like rabid wolves and couldn’t get enough of. Many a “oh shoot, it’s gone!” wheeping and whailing was heard from the kitchen. A creamy blue cheese brie, an absolutely outstanding Parmesan and some fresh mozzarella balls dredged in olive oil and herbs.

Tuesday Tasting

Within an hour or two, there was nothing left but these crumbly bits.

Cheese source: Whole Foods Market


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