D.I.L.: Siberian Husky Elle


We have a couple of dogs who come to work. Elle, the Siberian Husky, comes a couple days a week. She’s an absolute sweetheart—mild mannered, low-key and funny.

She’s also extremely popular. She’s got her own Facebook account (“Siberian Husky Elle”) and a million friends on it. Go visit and become friends. No joke. I’d bet money that she has more friends than you do.

One of her favorite places to sleep is in the hallway right outside my office door. Lucky me.


She’d make a terrible guard dog. If you broke in, she may, or may not lift her head to look at you. More likely, she’d crack one eye open to check you out and then would promptly fall back asleep. Hello thief, please help yourself. Snore.



Do I smell food?


I love her feet—big puffy padded paws. She hates for you to touch them though. Hates it. Screams like a little girl.


We’re pretty lucky that we can have dogs come to work. When I get tired and cranky, maybe a little stressed, I’ll go pet Elle and instantly feel better.

Look at that face. Who wouldn’t feel better?


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  1. Woos nd wags your way!!!! I am a Husky too and am a therapy dog and enjoy sharing smiles too. My biped even takes me to work to ride in his truck all day and meet people.

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