Paper dolls for the modern gal



Coco – by mbranton on

When I was little girl I loved to draw. (Still do by the way.) Someone gave me a paper doll fashion kit that came with stencils of clothing types that you could then modify and embellish with color, glue on sequins, glitter. If Bedazzlers existed back then, it probably would have come with this kit. It was a fashion-conscious craft-girl’s delight. I would spend hours designing outfits. I loved that thing; had it for years. And now I love Polyvore. It’s crafting, collaging and shopping all rolled up in one. And I don’t have to spend a dime. How cool is that? Plus, it’s easy and extremely intuitive. If you haven’t tried, take fifteen minutes, give your brain a break and collage something. You’ll feel better afterward, I promise you.

Hint to all fiction writers: makes a great character development tool. For all you character-collagers out there … try this instead and save yourself the hot glue burns.

hilton head

hilton head – by mbranton on

I can see this is going to become a problem. I can’t seem to stop Polyvore-ing.

cherry blossom

cherry blossom – by mbranton on

butterflies – by mbranton on


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