A classic


Brix's French Onion Soup and Ham Sandwich

Ugh. The photo is blurry—sorry. It’s because my hands were shaky. I really miss bread. A lot.

Anyway, here we are for lunch at Brix, in Yountville, CA. The new chef, Anne Gingrass-Paik, has only been there since December 2008. Although she’s quite experienced (ten years with Wolfgang Puck and a handful of well known Bay area restaurants), Anne is a new resident to the Napa Valley.

The lunch menu is fairly simple, with only about a dozen entrees, but she has some classics on there. This combo of a grilled Gruyere cheese and honey roast ham sandwich with French onion soup ($15) is one of them. It smelled incredible when it was placed on the table. Immediately, I started salivating.

Because I can’t have the gluten, I just worshipped it from my side of the table. Kind of like looking at pictures of Gerard Butler. I know I can’t have it, but I really enjoy looking.


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